In a business environment the need to have basic computer and application skills is an absolute necessity and yours is no exception. Essential computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office applications can be daunting for some. For example, Microsoft last summer released Windows 10 and Office 2016 is new on the block as well. New PC’s placed on the network are loaded with both (and should be) and for a user not familiar with either it can be frustrating and effect productivity. In an attempt to advance productivity by providing the latest technology, your users can find themselves less productive and challenged if not properly trained.
With this in mind we offer onsite training. We come to you. Our trainer has 20 years of experience in the training world and follows best practices and guided outlines that lets the users easily follow and learn!
Training can be provided onsite either in a one on one scenario or in a classroom based environment and different levels of training based on the user’s level of experience – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert are available.
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